Who is prinvy?


We have one mission. To impact lives. We do this through our carefully curated charities that we support and raise donations for by offering life-changing prizes. Prinvy aims to make a positive global impact through those that we serve.


Global disruption has changed the face of non-profit fundraising. The traditional model of seeking large donations by running events for a select few high net worth donors is no longer the best way to support organizations and causes doing good in the world. 2020 has made it clear that reliance on in-person events can be difficult for non-profits.

That’s why Natalie Speers and a group of game-changing non-profit advocates founded, Prinvy.

Prinvy capitalizes on the ability to connect people digitally to causes they care about. Taking the power of fundraising for worthy causes from the few into the hands of the many.

Founder, Natalie Speers, is a digital media pioneer, with over 13 years in the industry. She’s the founder and CEO of Social Ally Media, a woman-owned digital marketing agency that specializes in social media marketing.

The seeds of Prinvy were sown when a client asked her to explore running sweepstakes for them online. After running sweepstakes for major motion pictures, TV shows, celebrities, and nightclubs what Natalie found is that if run correctly, sweepstakes have the power to easily and affordably reach a massive global audience.

In her personal life, Natalie became a certified operator in order to run rescue missions. After rescuing her first survivor, a girl of just 17, Natalie and her husband were called to create Prinvy Foundation, a non-profit devoted to raising awareness and money to help support the causes making a real impact in peoples lives.

When Natalie and her husband Mike decided to start a family, and were no longer able to assist in rescue missions, Prinvy was born. Natalie realized, by using her expertise from running sweepstakes she could quickly connect non-profits with huge numbers of potential donors that love to give and also receive awesome and life-changing prizes.

By allowing people to either donate directly, or enter a sweepstake for various prizes, Prinvy opened the fundraising process from dependence on a small, exclusive group of donors to a wide-reaching network of people who wanted to help causes close to their hearts with smaller donation amounts. As over 57% of people globally currently have access to a computer the potential for non-profits is priceless.

Core Values



We deliver life-changing prizes and meaningful financial donations to the charities we serve.



We exist for one reason, to create a greater impact to those we touch: our partner charities, our team members and our customers who participate in our giveaways.



We are on a mission to positively change the face of charitable fundraising forever and make a positive global impact. 



We strive to create a fun and exciting environment for our employees and our partner charities.



Everyone who enters our giveaways becomes a part of our global community of like-minded givers; positively changing the world one donation at a time!

Make an Impact

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